About Sarajule

Photo by Abraham Rowe
Harvest 6, Henri 2, Stephen, Me, Linen 10, Pip 5, Lily 10 and Liberty 8

We are dedicated to the building up, mending and restoration of what has been torn.
We love  truth!!!
We love history, the sharing our own stories, and especially, being part of the lives and community around us.
I'd like to say that we are simple.
Now, overwhelmed with the complex beauty of the life we've been given, that I must say, our lives are full!
Each of our children carry enough hope and love to fill our plates to overflowing.
Silence and stillness are a rarity.
We are rich!
The people that make up what we call "friends", have become family.
I cannot compare gold or silver to those who have given to our daily revival.
Stephen and I have had pain, we have had glory.
Today, together, and hearts are what we hold tenderly.
I am Queen of this old house we call home.
Stephen is my friend, my partner and King.
My children, my crown.
We spend our days making meals from what has been grown around here.
Laughing, as we all work towards what we are passionate about!
A song  and a dance is what we are.
Like the year, we are changing, from season to season.

Thank you for joining us.


  1. This is my favorite picture in the world :)

  2. Wowsers. GORGEOUS FAMILY. Kellie xx

  3. good gracious. its like a family of books and walks in a field. what a blessing and inspiration to find you!

  4. Your family is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Amazing picture. You are all beautiful and I love the way everyone is dressed!

  6. so gorgeous, this photo made me gasp. xx

  7. You are all beautiful!!! Cheers from Argentina! Love the text!!!

  8. beautiful beautiful family!!