Sunday, August 18, 2013


August 18, 2013

Lily: anticipation. She's watching the storm clouds form.

We were all hoping for a swim this afternoon. But weather is threatening to close the pool. Disappointing, being that this is one of the last weekends of the summer the pool will be open. 

Lily shows no hesitation for outdoor activity. At her first cross country practice  of the season, this week, she replied, "refreshing!", to my question of how the run went. A true athlete. I feel the same way after taking any challenging power yoga class or ballet class. 

On the seasonal subject: Figs! Last night, a dear friend & I jumped the fence of the vacant house's yard to gather figs. Gold! The ground beneath reeked of rotting figs. I ended up with 2 gallons to put away. Preserves, baked figs stuffed with goat cheese, little fig pies as after school treats... Oh the possibilities! 

May your seasonal transition be ever so graceful, my friends. 

Monday, August 5, 2013


August 5, 2013

Liberty: moments before hitting the waves for the last time this summer. Moments after saying, "I am not wearing my swimsuit. I do not want to get in the ocean anymore. I'm sick of it!" Change of plans.

This girl will be 9 years old tomorrow at "7:30pm Eastern Standard Time" she reminded me tonight as I kissed my sweet 8 yr. old, youngest daughter tonight. Liberty is one of the strongest people I know. Bright & beautiful. Full of wisdom & understanding. She has an attention to detail that will stun anyone patient enough to listen to her go on for what can seem like hours. I say that because I can NOT stay with her speeches & stories long enough to please her unless I'm doing something with my hands at the time. She is a giver & a lover. Driven & passionate. Honest & true. My heart is full when I see her, watching her grow makes this bursting heart proud. 
More on Liberty Pearl aka "The Bird"? Check out her Godmother & my dearest friend from high school, Rebekka's, post at