Sunday, January 27, 2013


January 27, 2013



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013"

Liberty: She hosted a funeral on the front porch for her imaginary friend Emma, today. Her remorse, felt by all.
Linen: Entirely absorbed in making friendship bracelets, she speaks of times spent with her dear friend Olivia, .
 Lily: Snuck a giddy grin on our way to attend a friend's baptism. She bounced from the nursery to the service and back, torn between two loves: babies and celebration.
Harvest: Leading the family on our Sunday afternoon walk. Impossible to keep up with.
Henri: Building with the darling antique blocks I keep on display in the bookcase. All the children have worked with these. I'll never be able to give them up!
Pip: Once again my picky eater, last one at the table, using every excuse to keep a hotdog from entering his mouth. A hotdog! Every kids likes a dog! He's inherited this trait from me. I'm sure of it. (no worries, Crunchies, it's clean!)
Alright blogging gurus...I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get the vertical shots side by side. Help! I'm desperate! Is there a SIMPLE way? I use Picassa...
Also, I started my annual cleanse this week. Detoxing does a body gooooooooood!!!! My heart, soul, mind, and body are beginning to feel aligned. Oh, sweet Clarity, you are invaluable! Anyone care to share your favorite cleanse?? Can't wait to hear...


  1. All beautiful but the first is angelic!
    Sorry no advice on the alignment, I'm not familiar with picasa.

  2. Oh my gosh, speechless......LIBERTY!!!!!! Gosh, I thought I couldn't love her more. Wow.

    As far as the photos side by my knowledge, there is no way you can do that in Blogger. You have to do it in a photo editing program, like Photoshop, and then upload it as one picture. Of course, if you want to do that, you can just send me the photos, and I'll put them together for you :)

  3. beautiful photos and beautiful children! Yes, I would say Rebekka is right. Easiest way would be to take the two images and make them into one. You can use Photoshop or PSE. I believe you may be able to use Pic Monkey, a free site for editing. You just upload the two photos and make it a collage.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Merci mille fois! I could not breathe when this came out of Liberty, non? Rebekka, we have to get together soon!

    Yes. This is helpful...again, merci.

  5. Hi Sara,
    I just found your blog on Facebook via my cousin Amy. Darling children! I blog using Blogger too and use a tutorial for aligning photos by editing my HTML code. It sounds scary at first, but it's easy once you get the hang of it. There are probably tons of alignment tutorials, but here's the one I use.
    Good luck and happy blogging!

    1. Justine! So wonderful to see you here! I remember Amy's endearment for you when we spent time together over the years as kids. I love your blog...your writing and pictures are lovely. It seems motherhood suites you well. You are very inspiring!

  6. Beautiful family you have! Happy to have stumbled here from Che and Fidel!

  7. Wow, six children, and each with such beautiful names. I love love love that first shot. Kellie xx
    PS I've just come over here from che and fidel too .... hello!

  8. PS Od dear, my grammar is a bit off today .... and each with such a beautiful name .... Kellie xx

  9. i love them all but the first portrait is so angelic and pure :). great use of light