Thursday, April 11, 2013


April 11, 2013

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013"
Liberty: sway back off the back porch.

Pip: balancing act

Henri: "yeyyo flown", says this little chap.

Lily: solemn and sweet. I love that she still want to wear flowery dresses.

Harvest: how kind he is to pose for me.

Linen: making a rope swing.

I love how quickly spring washes away the musky, winter air by simply opening the windows. Needless to say, our days are full of outdoor musing and wanderlust over all that is budding. I've been garden planning. Dreaming of all the wonderful work and harvest the family can gather around.


  1. Wow! Especially SOOO beautiful of Linen :)

  2. Each child is so beautiful, I am new to your blog and it's striking how beautiful and unique each of your children are!